Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict


77743278 webTransform your PRESCHOOL classroom when you MOVE BEYOND CONFLICT

You know the pressures and reality of classroom teaching.  Conflicts interfere with teaching and learning.

We can help with a guide to  HEALTHY conflict resolution that moves you past constant problems and issues. Our practical approach is written by an experienced teacher and preschool director who also has training in conflict resolution. The activities were tested in a variety of classroom settings.

C122484500 webhildren learn to achieve peaceful resolution.

Preschoolers are taught to analyze conflict and choose an appropriate response which resolves the conflict peacefully. This child-friendly approach is taught through simple lesson plans using music, puppets and literature. Young children, even those with a limited vocabulary, can learn to use this approach.

Teachers learn to communicate clearly about conflict.

Teachers are given a concise, efficient approach to conflict. Consistency is easy when you evaluate each conflict in the same way. Teachers have vocabulary to use when approaching each situation which helps children know how to respond.

Parents understand the approach.

Parents can be given the principles of the program during a parent night. They can also understand and use the vocabulary and approach of the system to expand the program into the homes of the children. Materials for parent involvement are included and easy to use.

   Administrators appreciate the cost effective investment.

122399161 webTraining can be chosen for the specific needs of your preschool program. Administrators can customize and choose the amount and type of training used. Other options are available if consultation is needed to deal with conflicts already existing in your center.
Beyond Classroom Conflict values each individual child and their ability to develop healthy resolution skills. Teachers are the models and trainers to show children the tools to resolve conflict. Preschool centers are the training grounds that can bring children and adults to peaceful resolution of conflict.
Allow us to start your students and teachers on a path to healthy relationships.


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