Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict

Middle School

454163837 webMiddle School holds both a CHALLENGE and OPPORTUNITY for conflict resolution.

Challenges arise when students desire fairness and justice, but their perception differs from that of the adults in authority.

Gender differences in the approach and reaction to conflict are  clearly defined. One answer does not always apply to both boys and girls.


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The OPPORTUNITY lies in training middle school students to become the leaders in resolving conflict in a healthy way.

Students can learn to analyze conflict and construct a peaceful answer.

Students can intervene and become the mediators instead of relying on adults.



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TRAINING and TEACHING conflict resolution skills is essential to make the most of this opportunity.

We can provide the tools for adults to lead middle school students to peace.  Students then take those tools to their classmates. You can TRANSFORM your student body by taking a deliberate approach to change the climate of conflict in your school.

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