Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict

How Can We Help You

What we offer for teachers of schools and day care centers:


152126887 medSite Training- 1 hour

Host a training for your staff for a fee of $100. ($30 of this fee paid upon registration as a non-refundable deposit.)

Materials for 10 teachers will be free. Additional materials charge of $5 per person for additional staff members.

Training host- 1 hour (Longer trainings are negotiable.)

Host a training at your site for $10 per person. You may advertise in the area. You also agree that the trainer and/or A Place in the Conversation will advertise in the area, inviting other participants to attend the training at your site. (Minimum 10 participants total.) You receive one free registration for each ten paid registrations (including registrants from other organizations.) Pre-registration will be allowed up to two days prior to the training. Payments will be due at the beginning of the session.

Parent meeting– 45 minutes

Host a parent meeting at your site for a fee of $75 plus a materials charge of $5 per family. This meeting will involve instruction, discussion, sample activities and take home materials. You may choose a format including parents with children present or an adult only format.

Consulting with a director, principal or lead teacher

A consultant will meet with a director or principal to discuss a situation and determine if training would be beneficial and if so, the best focus for training sessions. The first one hour consultation is free. Following time will be charged at $50 an hour. If further consulting is requested, a fee can be negotiated.

Training in a classroom

A consultant will work in a classroom with a teacher to model the principles of Beyond Classroom Conflict. The fee will be $50 for a one hour session. This includes 50 minutes in the classroom and 10 minutes with the director, principal or teacher.

Conflict Analysis

A consultant will meet with the director, principal or board members and then conduct interviews with staff and/or parents to analyze the ongoing conflict. A report will be shared with leadership then strategies for resolution will be presented to staff. A $500 plan includes 6 hours of interview and investigation, 2 hours of offsite work and 2 hours for meetings, coaching and presentations. Other plans can be negotiated.

Other options available

Beyond Classroom Conflict strives to help children learn to build positive relationships to ensure success in the school environment. If you have a specific need, we will work to help you meet it. Rates will be determined.

Travel fee

Travel expenses will be added as needed for up to two consultants including car or flight expenses, meals, tolls and lodging.