Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict


99823068 webRestore Relationships when you
MOVE BEYOND CONFLICT in your ELEMENTARY classroom to gain more positive time with your students!

Academic pressure begins in kindergarten and moves upward through the elementary grades.

Time for working on social skills has been depleted, which means there may be more conflicts than ever. Children will resolve those problems on their own (hitting, name calling, gossip) OR teachers can use this efficient, effective way to teach resolution skills AND still have time for everything else.

Teachers are given an easy to implement program which teaches children to analyze conflict and choose an appropriate response. After an initial investment of time to teach the concepts, children become better able to solve problems on their own.179237665 web

As conflicts are resolved, many of the “after effects” of a conflict are eliminated. These are often the time stealers as a conflict becomes more complicated. (He made me mad so I hit him, then he pushed me so I called him a name and he told his mom and…)

All conflicts are dealt with consistently with the same approach. In the end, this saves time because children feel they are valued and important. When they relay information at home about the conflict, parents also feel their child was taken care of and is safe. This saves time you may have spent with an upset parent.

Resolved conflicts lead to restored relationships. Children can feel more secure and less threatened which makes a classroom environment more conducive to learning.

 464275439 webTeachers can maximize time taken to teach resolution skills because students are gaining problem solving, analysis, speaking and listening skills.


Students learn to resolve conflict peacefully while also working toward Common Core objectives.


Learning is the goal. Students not only learn to resolve conflict peacefully but teachers gain more time to teach academic skills.


View the elementary workshops that will teach the Beyond Classroom Conflict approach and other conflict resolution skills.

Take a look at a lesson plan that teaches conflict resolution skills while meeting Common Core objectives.