Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict

Christian Schools

Teaching Christian schools how to peacefully resolve conflict


Picture of children for Christian Schools page           Christian schools are training the next generation of Christ followers and church leaders.

Christ desires for unity among believers (John 17).

You can  work toward that goal  by teaching the children in your care how to peacefully resolve conflict.


Our program gives your  students- from the youngest to the oldest- the tools they need to make unity a reality in your classroom and your school.While conflicts will still occur, children and teachers learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and restore relationships that could have been otherwise damaged.

Teachers are given the principles of the program in an easy to implement format. A Biblical basis for the program enables you to integrate this Picture of teenagers for Christian Schools page.healthy approach to conflict resolution into your school’s world view.

Teachers follow a program training children to analyze and respond appropriately to conflict situations.  Written by a teacher, this program has been tested in a variety of classroom settings and is an efficient way to lead children toward the goal of peace.

Parents will appreciate the Biblical principles while also appreciating the added safety and security this plan adds to your school. If conflicts are being resolved peacefully, students do not have to fear other children and parents have the peace of mind that their child is safe and valued. This should help your school retention as safety is a top parental concern.

Picture of child for Christian Schools page.Workshops are available for preschool, elementary and middle school classrooms. Trainings can be chosen that explain general conflict resolution skills to staff and teachers as well as workshops for administrators and board members. Conflict resolution based on God’s plan for his believers applies to all children and adults. You can customize a plan based on the needs of your school.

One approach that can be taken is to teach conflict resolution skills to your staff and students before there is an atmosphere of conflict. If your staff and student body are already in a crisis of conflict, you can invite a consultant to work with your leaders to analyze the conflict and work toward solutions.


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Begin the journey toward the unity Christ desires.  Choose an option that will move your school toward a healthy resolution of conflict.

View our workshops for Christian Schools and other workshops geared for your different age groups.  Also take advantage of teaching tools for preschool and elementary classrooms that are available for you to use now.