Transform Your Classroom When You Move Beyond Conflict

Move Beyond Classroom Conflict

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Move beyond classroom conflict

Conflict will exist whenever children and adults are working together. Instead of fighting against the issues that appear, we can show you a way to move beyond conflict, resolve the situation, and get back to teaching.

You love children

– but –

Instead of teaching, you referee

Many children are trained to bring all conflicts to an adult for judgment. The time you planned to teach becomes time spent as referee for disagreements. Instead, teach a program that allows children to resolve their conflicts on their own by choosing an appropriate response to the situation.

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Instead of encouraging, you stop fights

Teachers encourage students to learn, grow and develop skills. The energy you want to use for encouragement is used for stopping fights. Instead, children are taught to resolve conflicts peacefully and avoid the fights that are often reactions to the initial issue.


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Instead of partnership with parents, you listen to complaints about upset children

When children go home upset, parents become upset and lose trust in the teacher and school setting. With our program, teachers have a consistent approach to each situation that can be relayed to parents. Parents then know that teachers value their child, have a plan toward conflict resolution and parents understand the vocabulary and approach when teachers communicate about a conflict.

Move past conflict toward LEARNING

Our program will show you how to move past conflicts with healthy resolution so you can concentrate on teaching in preschool, elementary, and middle school classrooms.

We also offer programs specifically designed for use in Christian schools and preschools.


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